Monday 26 September 2016

We thank Bob from the Bob Inn Ranch and all the people who made a great celebration happen on this past weekend.The people,food and music was great and plentiful.No more Cries played a full hour plus set and were joined with a fellow musician on one song.The display of fireworks was awesome and many people had many good laughs and reconnection.Thankful to be invited.

Monday 19 September 2016

Bob Inn Days

Well we have another show this weekend at The Bob Inn Ranch celebrating 43 yrs of the ranch.
We feel blessed to be personally invited by Bob Blaue the owner and founder of the Bob Inn Days which is an annual event that is celebrated every Sept.We had the honor of performing earlier this year at the "Ranch" for Bob son birthday party.The people are very nice and grateful and the vibe is pure.We look forward to our spot on the stage Saturday night and plan on putting a great show on for the people.Thanks so much to all the people who help this event happen.Im loading the motor home up with food,family and friends and were gonna roll into the "Ranch" looking for fun. See you there!!

West Quesnel Skateboard fundraiser

I want to thank everyone for supporting the West Quesnel Skateboard park fundraiser on Saturday.We had a great time playing for those who were there.A video is being loaded on our Facebook No More Cries page please share and enjoy.

Friday 16 September 2016


Exclusive to our No More Cries FaceBook group, you can now hear snippets of the basic tracks we've laid down for our upcoming CD. These recordings are guide tracks to our studio mix, and will be mastered on a 16 channel digital format @196 studio CD quality. Please comment as often as you like about your favorites and share share share...

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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Howdy everyone just a quick note to share on Sept 17 @ 3pm we do another free show showcasing our original songs at the Skateboard park in West Quesnel we are joining other artists as well ,so come show your support and check out the fundraiser going on all day.