Saturday 25 February 2017

No More Cries would like to shout out a huge THANKS to the crew who invited us to a 1/2 hr video segment to be aired on Cable 10 in the near future.Thursday Feb 23 2017 No More Cries packed up a couple vehicles full of gear at our studio under the watchful eye of and set up in the UNBC Quesnel facility.We had a great backdrop and great sounding area in the cafeteria.Also a big THANK YOU to the staff and students at UNBC during this video shoot as we were loud as HELL and ROCKED all the rooms in the place.A big thanks to Joshua Blanc for the stellar sound setup and fine tuning of the gear.No More Cries played Freight Train Blues, No More Cries and finished off with Richard singing Rockaboutit.We enjoyed the short interview with Chase Benson as well. No More Cries is thankful for the never ending support of Quesnel and so many good people who believe in our mission and goals.

Thursday 9 February 2017

Another awesome weekend at The Occidental Open Mic Event hosted by River City Music Association Saturday Feb 4th 2017.The entertainment was great and the crowd was appreciative.No More Cries opened the show with 3 songs from our 2017 EP which was available for people to purchase at the show and so many people did!!The support is a great feeling for sure.The other entertainers did a great job and pleased the crowd. No More Cries then was asked to close the show with 3 more original songs and rocked the stage off.We are very grateful to the Occidental for the awesome place to showcase local musicians and River City Music for their efforts to support local music.

find our live videos here.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

No More Cries has just completed the first run of Custom Hand Pressed CDs performed,recorded mixed,mastered and hand assembled right here at the home studio of the NO MORE CRIES.
The boys want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Joshua Blanc for his master skills and incredible amount of help and assistance to help make this project come together for the band.This CD project has been a HUGE amount of work that is not possible without the
support system we fortunately have which includes just to name a few Alana Hartley the love and support of my life,all the meals and endless confidence that she gives me.Sue Johnson and Bridgette the complete support system for our guitar god Eric's Custom Guitars.Richard Halliday and his family who support his ideas and passions.Some of our biggest fans who come support us every Friday night "jam night" for so many years Thomas Hurd,Julie Law,Pat Hartley,Wade Wurm,Wanda Wurm,Cindy Johnson,Cindy Hoffmann,Linda Johnston, Kimberley McInroy,Joshua Blanc,Ron Blanc, Darryl Gaudette Jeanette McDonald Grant Deachman and so many more people who come watch us play at every event we attend at The Occidental and many other venues like Bliss Restaurant,Quesnel Billy Barker Days Society, Bob Blaue at the Bob Inn Ranch ,West Quesnel Market and Barry McKillican the owner and Brian Mckillican the operator of a amazing sounding stage that Quesnel is lucky to have and thanks to the many more people who invite us to perform.
No More Cries practices and records at our very own recording studio "WILD BILLS STUDIO" its a fully equipped 16 track digital recording system and a great jam space.
Please take the time to come support local music on the first Saturday of the month hosted by River City Music Association at The Occidental and enjoy some awesome food and entertainment with Barry McKillican,Louise McKillican,David Mckillican Brian Mckillican and the rest of the family that operates the Occidental.
If anyone is looking to buy our new EP please messenger Gary Hartley Eric's Custom Guitars Richard Halliday its ONLY 10 $$.
The EP will also be available on Saturday Feb 4 at the Occidental from 6:30-10PM.