Saturday 22 May 2021

An Update!

 Hey everyone! It's been a while since anyone posted on the blog. The four (or sometimes 3 & 1/2) individuals that make up No More Cries are all busy people. But have no fear: we've been keeping up with our playing. So here are some updates on what's going on.

Since the spring we've been streaming live on FaceBook (and more recently YouTube and Twitch), playing three songs each week from our Friday Night Jams. The relevant links:

No More Cries on FaceBook

No More Cries on YouTube 

Our latest live stream:

The footage we shot last fall for the Penny video has been returned to us by the videographer, who has had to bow out of the project. Thankfully, we're not strangers to video editing ourselves, so when time allows we'll be putting it together. One thing we can say is the raw footage looks *amazing*, and we can't wait to share it with you all.

Work continues on more new music from No More Cries. In the meantime, we hope you'll tune in for our live sessions. Keep on rockin'!

Sunday 7 January 2018

Happy New Year 2018 Jan Open Mic live at The Occidental on Sat night.Thanks so much for everyone support through 2017 NO MORE CRIES has many people, family, friends to thank for continuing to believe in us and coming to the shows and jam night at the Wild Bills Studio home of the band.2017 offered some challenges to us but as most committed bands do they continue to push forward like we have.2017 granted the band some very positive additions including Joshua Blanc taking the role of keyboard and synth player adding a tremendous positive groove to our music.Joshua Blanc is also a amazing human being in so many ways and the band is thankful for his participation.2017 also challenged the band to recruit a drummer and the band is super happy with the full time addition as drummer Chad Stump who is a all round amazing guy with his great personality and stellar musical skills and experience NO MORE CRIES is lucky to have both of these guys in our family.Eric's Custom Guitars and Gary Hartley the 2 founding members of NO MORE CRIES continue to work hard with the help of Chad Stump and Joshua Blanc moving forward to full fill the dreams we all share and that is to continue writing and playing and performing original songs.2018 is already starting with a great opportunity for the band with over 25 all orig songs that we will be taking to Wild Bills Studio in early Feb to complete a NO MORE CRIES DOUBLE ALBUM!!! So we ask for everyone to continue supporting our band and following all the face book posts and please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe visit our Sound cloud page and our Band camp page as well i will post direct links for all our promotion pages below i will be doing a FULL profile update this month to make some adjustments to our old version and info please check these links often.

Sunday 5 November 2017

No More Cries had another great night at the November RCMA at The Occidental The house was full to the roof and so many great talented people showed their stuff including the CSS Jazz Band conducted by Shaun.No More Cries played 40 Black Clouds,Social Despair and Walking the Blues.Jason Stinchcomb sat in on the drums and did a fantastic job with only playing a few times with the band this week gone by.Jason delivered a rock solid performance with confidence after not playing live for more than 10 years.Big THANK YOU for his effort.The Occidental was a full house with such a great audience that really showed the appreciation.The vibe was cool all night with lots of new faces performing and in the crowd.Huge THANK YOU to RCMA and the people who continue to support this great organization we have here in Quesnel.Huge THANK YOU to The Occidental for the great stage and team who make this a success every single time.The food was incredible as usual.Thumbs up to my boys in the band Eric Joshua and Gary for a solid performance.
No More Cries will be making a large announcement this week so stay in touch with the Facebook page and see whats happening next!!

Tuesday 10 October 2017

NO MORE CRIES performing at THE OCCIDENTAL OCT 2017 was a great night with 3 more orig songs Penny,Never Give Up and also including our brand new single Not Living Long Enough.Big SHOUT OUT to RCMA and The Occidental for the support they all give to local live music in our city because without them there would not be opportunity for local musicians to showcase the music they love.If you love live music please come and support this venue on the first Saturday of every month its only a $5 donation that goes directly towards things that matter and make a difference in our music community.Enjoy the awesome food and services at The Occidental with hosts Barry McKillican Louise McKillican and the rest of the family and staff who make a great experience everytime.All the volunteers at RCMA need a large THANK YOU for the efforts to make this event a large success.See you all in November!!!

Sunday 24 September 2017

Well,Today was a great day for No More Cries with the invitation to a very historic and important celebration in the community of Alexandria.Today the community opened a new well deserved and needed service for the local people called Hummingbird Center.This is a nice new building centrally located for all to use.The Hummingbird Center features a nice open common area with a great selection of exercise equipment and comfortable seating with tables and washroom facility.Its general purpose is to offer a warm comfy place for elders to gather a place for the youth to gather and anyone wanting to use the workout equipment.Chief Roy Stump and Chad Stump with the help of their team had a ribbon cutting ceremony today to open this service.A large feast was prepared and everyone ate well.No More Cries played our original music sets for the people who attended.Chief Roy and Chad then sang a few songs as well.No More Cries is thankful for today's event and want to everyone who made this happen. 

Sunday 10 September 2017

Ok have not posted in a while so here we go!! Awesome season opener at the Occidental last night for the RCMA Open Mic event.No More Cries opened the show with a trio of orig songs.The stage was awesome as always the sound was incredible as always{Brianlovescharity Mckillican} thank you and the crowd was very appreciative.Eric's Custom Guitars was sporting a brand new hand built double neck guitar that sounded great Joshua Blanc was warmed up nicely on the keyboards and our new guy Chad Stump did a awesome job smackin the skins with a rock solid beat.As for myself Gary Hartley i did a good job and had a ton of fun.David Beaudry a.k.a Dirty Frazier was in the house kicking out some killer rhymes and the Suspenders also did a great job playing songs everyone loved.Chad Stump also did a 3 song set on guitar and vocals with the No More Cries boys backing him up with Tulsa Time, Stand by Me and an original song written and performed by Chad Stump Music Life.The Lamarche Brothers also graced the stage for the crowd doing a fine job.The food was amazing Louise McKillican Holly Mckillican and the rest of the team at The Occidental and service was on point.Thank You Barry McKillican for the incredible venue here in Quesnel offering a professional stage and sound facility so many people appreciate this and so many people utilize this to share their music and performance.Please come join us at The Occidental on the first St of every month starting at 6:30 for the Open Mic.Last but certainly not least... Thank you to RCMA River City Music Association for their hard work and persistence pushing this group into another year of success Jeanette McDonald,Nadine Kirby JP Pinel Rick Kirby Grant Deachman Mark Heinzelman and Quesnel Music and all the other good people who make this association operate its a great thing for Quesnel.Thank you to The Occidental for hosting this for another year.Quesnel is a large supporter of live music and we invite everybody who has not experienced the love of live stage to come on down have dinner and enjoy this incredible gem Quesnel has.Also a HUGE THANK YOU to all the people who have been supporting these events for years.Videos will be uploaded shortly.

Monday 29 May 2017

Wow big thanks to all who attended the annual Bliss Restaurant outdoor BBQ.The burgers were awesome and the weather was too,No More Cries wants to thank everyone who come out for the day we had a blast playing all our original music for everyone.