Sunday 10 September 2017

Ok have not posted in a while so here we go!! Awesome season opener at the Occidental last night for the RCMA Open Mic event.No More Cries opened the show with a trio of orig songs.The stage was awesome as always the sound was incredible as always{Brianlovescharity Mckillican} thank you and the crowd was very appreciative.Eric's Custom Guitars was sporting a brand new hand built double neck guitar that sounded great Joshua Blanc was warmed up nicely on the keyboards and our new guy Chad Stump did a awesome job smackin the skins with a rock solid beat.As for myself Gary Hartley i did a good job and had a ton of fun.David Beaudry a.k.a Dirty Frazier was in the house kicking out some killer rhymes and the Suspenders also did a great job playing songs everyone loved.Chad Stump also did a 3 song set on guitar and vocals with the No More Cries boys backing him up with Tulsa Time, Stand by Me and an original song written and performed by Chad Stump Music Life.The Lamarche Brothers also graced the stage for the crowd doing a fine job.The food was amazing Louise McKillican Holly Mckillican and the rest of the team at The Occidental and service was on point.Thank You Barry McKillican for the incredible venue here in Quesnel offering a professional stage and sound facility so many people appreciate this and so many people utilize this to share their music and performance.Please come join us at The Occidental on the first St of every month starting at 6:30 for the Open Mic.Last but certainly not least... Thank you to RCMA River City Music Association for their hard work and persistence pushing this group into another year of success Jeanette McDonald,Nadine Kirby JP Pinel Rick Kirby Grant Deachman Mark Heinzelman and Quesnel Music and all the other good people who make this association operate its a great thing for Quesnel.Thank you to The Occidental for hosting this for another year.Quesnel is a large supporter of live music and we invite everybody who has not experienced the love of live stage to come on down have dinner and enjoy this incredible gem Quesnel has.Also a HUGE THANK YOU to all the people who have been supporting these events for years.Videos will be uploaded shortly.

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