Sunday 4 December 2016

Well it was an amazing night had by all at the Dec Open Mic at the Occidental hosted by RCMA in Quesnel.There was a full house taking in the entertainment which was awesome as usual including the high school jazz band performing and also the Fleetwood Mac project  giving the crowd a taste of the show coming up.The food was amazing again Louise and the sound was awesome David the whole night was a blast.No More Cries rocked out another set of original songs.Merry Christmas to all the people who read this posting and Blog and please help spread the word and share on Facebook

Saturday 3 December 2016

Alright here we go going to perform at the Occidental Open Mic tonight hope to see many faces out supporting RCMA River City Music Association a non profit deal that supports local musicianship> Also support The Occidental these folks graciously host these music events with a serious Kick Ass stage and the people who know how to operate it Brian Mckillican Barry McKillican David Mckillican and the food there is just as amazing Louise McKillican so come on Quesnel and check out Open Mic starting 6:30 tonight and No More Cries is playing 2 more brand new never heard songs you will all enjoy!!

Tuesday 29 November 2016

Bring on December!! No More Cries is excited to showcase 2 more new orig songs at the Dec 3rd Open Mic Hosted by River City Music at the Occidental starting 6:30 pm.We encourage everyone to come enjoy Awesome food a professional quality live venue with amazing stage and sound supplied by the ever so talented Brian Barry David Louise McKillican family.This is always a great time with local musicians and talent  entertaining the crowd.No More Cries has been busy writing new songs and recording tracks for our DOUBLE ALBUM coming in 2017.I have recently enabled Wild Bills Studio in Quesnel to help promote music recording in Quesnel and surrounding area so.....Here is a shout out to any musicians,bands and artists who are wanting to record professional quality promo CDs and or full album content we now have a full function 16/32 track recording system available here in Quesnel the studio is equipped with professional equipment ie.Bass,Lead Amps both tube and solid state many drum and percussion configurations, Hammond X5 organ with Leslie amplifier, Fender Rhodes Electric piano as well as Synths as well as many professional microphones full monitor systems and a stand alone vocal booth.Offering full setups to your specific requirements and "In House" engineering and mixing.The studio is a comfortable heated and air conditioned environment.We can personalize a great experience with many instruments to chose from or bring all your own.Free "In House" consultations and pricing with appointment.
Please call 1-250-249-5392 ask for Gary Hartley.
Personal message me  Gary Hartley on Face book

Sunday 13 November 2016

Well ,Well,well No More Cries had a wicked time at the Occidental on Sat night opening for Mathias Rock from Prince George .The sound was amazing again from Brian Mckillican at the helm of the mixing booth.We rocked out 10 songs and the people who attended asked for more!!when Mathias Rock got on stage everyone was treated to a great Rock and Roll show.The vocals were hot as hell and the rest of the band is very tight and clean.We enjoyed our opportunity to open stage for another local rock group and look forward to many more.

Thursday 10 November 2016

Hello world!! No More Cries is back on stage again at the Occidental in Quesnel on Nov 12 Saturday night we have thankfully been invited to a guest appearance to open for another great local group MATHIAS ROCK these guys are a great 5pc rock group from Prince George B.C.Please come down to the Occidental and enjoy the awesome food and amazing sound stage all done by Barry McKillican and his great family Brian,David and Louise and the wonderful staff at the Occidental in Quesnel.Cover charge at the door is 5$ and that is so inexpensive for the type of entertainment you will witness and the good times to be had.See you all There!!

Sunday 6 November 2016

No More Cries had another great show on Saturday night at the Occidental in Quesnel.Second annual open mic was another success with some great local musicians showing their skills.No More Cries kicked out a 4 song set including Penny,Freight Train Blues No More Cries and a very rare cover tune that we love Johnny Be Good.The crowd was great and the food is always great too thanks to the crew at The Occidental.Brian did another great job on the sound board again giving us superior sound all around.We look forward to Dec Open Mic support the RCMA.

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Spent the day on the 29th Oct 2016 with Joshua Blanc,Danny Brickell Ken Brickell and myself Gary Hartley breaking new ground in my studio recording career.Danny is a very talented local musician with tons of great ideas and wonderful talent.Danny plays keyboards ,synths and guitars his arrangement skills are awesome and knows how to build music from the ground up.Im thankful to have the chance to share his skills in my private recording studio.We started our day early with a setup of acoustic guitar which included a high quality 12 string fixed with a "Dean Markley"acoustic pickup mounted in the tone hole of the guitar plugged directly to the Onyx 1640i mixing console.Joshua Blanc fabbed up a stereo mic rack positioned in front of Danny playing guitar which were matching pencil condenser mics.The large room Condenser Mic was also used in the room to catch all the overtones.With a large sound baffle positioned behind Danny we managed to record 4 discreet channels of sound with the ability to blend and mix independently on the acoustic guitar track which worked out perfect.Danny also brought 3 different key based instruments to record his multi layer keyboard and piano tracks which we plugged directly into the Onyx 1640i console.Danny also brought his trusty old Fender 6 string electric guitar to finalize the arrangement with some well placed lead licks.All of this track recording was done independently on different tracks and mixed by Joshua Blanc whos mixing skills are excellent due to the understanding of the recording equipment used for this project.The final product is very impressive as per arrangement and recording sound quality we are all very pleased.Look forward to Danny and many other musicians coming out to my personal recording studio to challenge themselves and our team to many more successful projects in the future.A big shout out thank you to Joshua Blanc for his excellent skill set and great personality with patients to spare and also a big shout out to Danny Brickell for his solid focus and well practiced efforts.

Saturday 1 October 2016

Well everyone who attended the open mic at the Occidental tonight had a great time thanks to everyone who helps make this event happen every month all winter long.No More Cries had 2 sets tonight and loved every minuet of it.
Tonight No More Cries kicks off the open mic at the Occidental starting 7pm great food great people and great local talent so please come support local music in our community.

Monday 26 September 2016

We thank Bob from the Bob Inn Ranch and all the people who made a great celebration happen on this past weekend.The people,food and music was great and plentiful.No more Cries played a full hour plus set and were joined with a fellow musician on one song.The display of fireworks was awesome and many people had many good laughs and reconnection.Thankful to be invited.

Monday 19 September 2016

Bob Inn Days

Well we have another show this weekend at The Bob Inn Ranch celebrating 43 yrs of the ranch.
We feel blessed to be personally invited by Bob Blaue the owner and founder of the Bob Inn Days which is an annual event that is celebrated every Sept.We had the honor of performing earlier this year at the "Ranch" for Bob son birthday party.The people are very nice and grateful and the vibe is pure.We look forward to our spot on the stage Saturday night and plan on putting a great show on for the people.Thanks so much to all the people who help this event happen.Im loading the motor home up with food,family and friends and were gonna roll into the "Ranch" looking for fun. See you there!!

West Quesnel Skateboard fundraiser

I want to thank everyone for supporting the West Quesnel Skateboard park fundraiser on Saturday.We had a great time playing for those who were there.A video is being loaded on our Facebook No More Cries page please share and enjoy.

Friday 16 September 2016


Exclusive to our No More Cries FaceBook group, you can now hear snippets of the basic tracks we've laid down for our upcoming CD. These recordings are guide tracks to our studio mix, and will be mastered on a 16 channel digital format @196 studio CD quality. Please comment as often as you like about your favorites and share share share...

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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Howdy everyone just a quick note to share on Sept 17 @ 3pm we do another free show showcasing our original songs at the Skateboard park in West Quesnel we are joining other artists as well ,so come show your support and check out the fundraiser going on all day.

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Welcome to No More Cries' blog! We are a rock band based in Quesnel, British Columbia. Stay tuned for video and audio content, news of upcoming gigs, and general info about the band.

For all interested we are performing at West Quesnel night market Thursday @ 7pm free outdoor tunes and some local vendors with stuff for sale come join us for a good time.
Well what an awesome West Quesnel market on last Thursday there were tons of people roaming around and many interesting high quality vendors as well as some awesome food.The entertainment was equally good with musicians and dancing groups performing ,No More Cries rocked the park for 45 min with a great set of original songs including Social Despair,Not the right thing ,One for the road,Walking the blues and a bunch more.KID Productions handled the sound and P.A system and we supplied amps and drums of our own.The kids that were present had a super good time dancing on the dance floor to every one of our songs with much happiness and energy and i also noticed many of our family and friends grooving to the sound too.No More Cries is so thankfull for the large following of our group and support Quesnel is giving time after time that we perform.Please come enjoy and share our show again in Sept 17th for the West Quesnel park revitalization fund raiser we will perform 5:00pm to 6:00 pm.
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