Tuesday 1 November 2016

Spent the day on the 29th Oct 2016 with Joshua Blanc,Danny Brickell Ken Brickell and myself Gary Hartley breaking new ground in my studio recording career.Danny is a very talented local musician with tons of great ideas and wonderful talent.Danny plays keyboards ,synths and guitars his arrangement skills are awesome and knows how to build music from the ground up.Im thankful to have the chance to share his skills in my private recording studio.We started our day early with a setup of acoustic guitar which included a high quality 12 string fixed with a "Dean Markley"acoustic pickup mounted in the tone hole of the guitar plugged directly to the Onyx 1640i mixing console.Joshua Blanc fabbed up a stereo mic rack positioned in front of Danny playing guitar which were matching pencil condenser mics.The large room Condenser Mic was also used in the room to catch all the overtones.With a large sound baffle positioned behind Danny we managed to record 4 discreet channels of sound with the ability to blend and mix independently on the acoustic guitar track which worked out perfect.Danny also brought 3 different key based instruments to record his multi layer keyboard and piano tracks which we plugged directly into the Onyx 1640i console.Danny also brought his trusty old Fender 6 string electric guitar to finalize the arrangement with some well placed lead licks.All of this track recording was done independently on different tracks and mixed by Joshua Blanc whos mixing skills are excellent due to the understanding of the recording equipment used for this project.The final product is very impressive as per arrangement and recording sound quality we are all very pleased.Look forward to Danny and many other musicians coming out to my personal recording studio to challenge themselves and our team to many more successful projects in the future.A big shout out thank you to Joshua Blanc for his excellent skill set and great personality with patients to spare and also a big shout out to Danny Brickell for his solid focus and well practiced efforts.

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