Sunday 5 November 2017

No More Cries had another great night at the November RCMA at The Occidental The house was full to the roof and so many great talented people showed their stuff including the CSS Jazz Band conducted by Shaun.No More Cries played 40 Black Clouds,Social Despair and Walking the Blues.Jason Stinchcomb sat in on the drums and did a fantastic job with only playing a few times with the band this week gone by.Jason delivered a rock solid performance with confidence after not playing live for more than 10 years.Big THANK YOU for his effort.The Occidental was a full house with such a great audience that really showed the appreciation.The vibe was cool all night with lots of new faces performing and in the crowd.Huge THANK YOU to RCMA and the people who continue to support this great organization we have here in Quesnel.Huge THANK YOU to The Occidental for the great stage and team who make this a success every single time.The food was incredible as usual.Thumbs up to my boys in the band Eric Joshua and Gary for a solid performance.
No More Cries will be making a large announcement this week so stay in touch with the Facebook page and see whats happening next!!

Tuesday 10 October 2017

NO MORE CRIES performing at THE OCCIDENTAL OCT 2017 was a great night with 3 more orig songs Penny,Never Give Up and also including our brand new single Not Living Long Enough.Big SHOUT OUT to RCMA and The Occidental for the support they all give to local live music in our city because without them there would not be opportunity for local musicians to showcase the music they love.If you love live music please come and support this venue on the first Saturday of every month its only a $5 donation that goes directly towards things that matter and make a difference in our music community.Enjoy the awesome food and services at The Occidental with hosts Barry McKillican Louise McKillican and the rest of the family and staff who make a great experience everytime.All the volunteers at RCMA need a large THANK YOU for the efforts to make this event a large success.See you all in November!!!

Sunday 24 September 2017

Well,Today was a great day for No More Cries with the invitation to a very historic and important celebration in the community of Alexandria.Today the community opened a new well deserved and needed service for the local people called Hummingbird Center.This is a nice new building centrally located for all to use.The Hummingbird Center features a nice open common area with a great selection of exercise equipment and comfortable seating with tables and washroom facility.Its general purpose is to offer a warm comfy place for elders to gather a place for the youth to gather and anyone wanting to use the workout equipment.Chief Roy Stump and Chad Stump with the help of their team had a ribbon cutting ceremony today to open this service.A large feast was prepared and everyone ate well.No More Cries played our original music sets for the people who attended.Chief Roy and Chad then sang a few songs as well.No More Cries is thankful for today's event and want to everyone who made this happen. 

Sunday 10 September 2017

Ok have not posted in a while so here we go!! Awesome season opener at the Occidental last night for the RCMA Open Mic event.No More Cries opened the show with a trio of orig songs.The stage was awesome as always the sound was incredible as always{Brianlovescharity Mckillican} thank you and the crowd was very appreciative.Eric's Custom Guitars was sporting a brand new hand built double neck guitar that sounded great Joshua Blanc was warmed up nicely on the keyboards and our new guy Chad Stump did a awesome job smackin the skins with a rock solid beat.As for myself Gary Hartley i did a good job and had a ton of fun.David Beaudry a.k.a Dirty Frazier was in the house kicking out some killer rhymes and the Suspenders also did a great job playing songs everyone loved.Chad Stump also did a 3 song set on guitar and vocals with the No More Cries boys backing him up with Tulsa Time, Stand by Me and an original song written and performed by Chad Stump Music Life.The Lamarche Brothers also graced the stage for the crowd doing a fine job.The food was amazing Louise McKillican Holly Mckillican and the rest of the team at The Occidental and service was on point.Thank You Barry McKillican for the incredible venue here in Quesnel offering a professional stage and sound facility so many people appreciate this and so many people utilize this to share their music and performance.Please come join us at The Occidental on the first St of every month starting at 6:30 for the Open Mic.Last but certainly not least... Thank you to RCMA River City Music Association for their hard work and persistence pushing this group into another year of success Jeanette McDonald,Nadine Kirby JP Pinel Rick Kirby Grant Deachman Mark Heinzelman and Quesnel Music and all the other good people who make this association operate its a great thing for Quesnel.Thank you to The Occidental for hosting this for another year.Quesnel is a large supporter of live music and we invite everybody who has not experienced the love of live stage to come on down have dinner and enjoy this incredible gem Quesnel has.Also a HUGE THANK YOU to all the people who have been supporting these events for years.Videos will be uploaded shortly.

Monday 29 May 2017

Wow big thanks to all who attended the annual Bliss Restaurant outdoor BBQ.The burgers were awesome and the weather was too,No More Cries wants to thank everyone who come out for the day we had a blast playing all our original music for everyone.
Due to unforeseen circumstances No More Cries has to cancel/postpone the CD Release Party event scheduled on June 24 at The Occidental.All tickets will be reimbursed at 100% face value so please PM Gary Hartley to arrange.

Thursday 18 May 2017

Quesnel!! please come join NO MORE CRIES at BLISS Restaurant on Friday May 26 with a FREE LIVE PERFORMANCE at Jas Sabbarwal famous BLISS Restaurant in WEST QUESNEL Jas will be serving BBQ Hamburgers with all the fixins and salads as well as the same AWESOME menu we all love so much.NO MORE CRIES will be performing between 12:00 noon until 3:00 pm with a line up of ORIGINAL ROCK and ROLL music with Richard Halliday,Eric's Custom Guitars Gary Hartley and our newest band member playing the keyboards and synths Joshua Blanc.Plan to come and have lunch on Friday May 26 at BLISS in West Quesnel for a great FOOD and MUSIC.SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!

Tuesday 16 May 2017

A big THANK YOU to all who come to celebrate Jacks birthday at The BOB INN on the weekend.No More Cries was there and played for all the good people who attended.The vibe was groovy as always and the weather ....well it was ok.Woke Sunday morning to a beautiful blue sky and enjoyed our coffee in the sunshine at 7 am.Thank You BOB BLAUE and DOUG KOYAMA for a great time see you all in the fall.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Big Extra Large THANK YOU to all who attended the May open Mic at The Occidental the show was great with many new faces.NO MORE CRIES graciously accepted the invite to start the show that Saturday night so we warmed up the stage with 3 original songs "Social Despair" and "Never Give Up" and the all new rocker "Roockstar" what a fun night had by all and the food was wonderful as always.Thank you Barry,Louise Jeanette,Grant and all the other good folks who help make this happen.Respect  
NO MORE CRIES is ROCKIN the BOB INN celebration this weekend please come check out this magical place many great people and entertainment will be here.NO MORE CRIES looks forward to this super fun event. SEE YOU THERE!! Search "Things Magical" on Facebook to find out more

Thursday 4 May 2017

Ok Quesnel lets get out on Sat May 6 starting 6:30 pm  down to the Occidental and show some support for River City Music and all the local musicians and artists who showcase their talents on Open Mic night.This event is always a great time with awesome FOOD and great people.Quesnel has many very talented people enjoying these Open Mic events graciously hosted by the great people at The Occidental and the awesome people who organize the event from River City Music Association.
Of course NO MORE CRIES is gonna rock the stage with more original music for your pleasure with our newest member Joshua Blanc playing the Keyboards and synthesizers Richard Halliday on drums Eric Johnson on guitar and Gary Hartley on bass guitar and vocals.Come enjoy the night its only $5 dollars at the door and its a donation toward helping new and upcoming artists.

Wednesday 26 April 2017


Welcome to our world of... NO MORE CRIES... Quesnels very own local ROCK/BLUES band who is very excited to announce the NEWEST MEMBER to the band...
JOSHUA BLANC .aka. The Manitour adding a great array of keyboard sounds to our original music lineup.
Joshua has many years of experience creating magical music and is welcomed to NO MORE CRIES FAMILY with open arms.
NO MORE CRIES... is very happy to be invited to perform at the famous BOB INN RANCH annual event named THINGS MAGICAL hosted by Bob Blaue on May 12th to 14th 2017 this is a very special weekend attended by so many good people with live music and many other fun events so search Things Magical on Facebook and get involved.
MORE BIG NEWS!! May 26th 2017... NO MORE CRIES... is performing  live at Bliss Restaurant in West Quesnel between 12 noon and 3pm so please share this event and come support a great local restaurant with awesome food and staff come enjoy the food and music for this day.

MORE "HUGE" NEWS ....NO MORE CRIES.... is having a "CD RELEASE PARTY" to promote all the hard work in the WILD BILLS STUDIO creating an ALL ORIGINAL SONG LIST CD.
Where is this CD RELEASE PARTY you ask?? Its at the BEST LIVE PERFORMING STAGE IN QUESNEL.....THE OCCIDENTAL....WHEN is this PARTY? JUNE 24th at 7P.M until 10P.M
WHERE and HOW do you GET TICKETS ? Gary Hartley,Richard Halliday, Erics Custom Guitars and Joshua Blanc can all be found on Facebook and can HOOK YOU UP and of course you can GET TICKETS at THE OCCIDENTAL PRE SALE and at the DOOR on the NIGHT OF THE SHOW.....BUT this PARTY will SELL OUT QUICK so i suggest to PRE PURCHASE your TICKETS from one of the mentioned.TICKET PRICES ARE 20$ EACH and CHILDREN UNDER 12Yrs old accompanied with a ticket get in FREE.
NO MORE CRIES CDS will be available the night of the show ...BUT... if you CANT WAIT we will have CD production done EARLY JUNE.
Ok for those people who are just hearing about NO MORE CRIES and want to hear a few sample tracks please visit any of these media sites

help bring together a SHOW to REMEMBER.

NO MORE CRIES will be launching an EVENT PAGE on FACEBOOK shortly and BE PREPARED to be INVITED by one of the BAND MEMBERS please respond to our invite and if you want a PRE-SHOW TICKETS upon INVITE please PERSONAL MESSAGE one of the BAND MEMBERS and we will be HAPPY to meet up and get you HOOKED UP with a PRE SHOW TICKET.


THE MULTI TALENTED....BLAIR JEWERS..... who will also add HIGH QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT for the masses.Check out Blair at this address


                                               SEE YOU JUNE 24th AT THE SHOW!!

Sunday 9 April 2017

April Showers RCMA Open Mic event with our special guest Joshua Blanc playing the Fender Rhodes and B3 organ keyboard combo adding a great sound to our show.This night is a "cover tune"night for No More Cries as well as one NEW Original song called "Aunt Simone".The cover songs were "Religion" by Alvin Lee and Ten Years After circa 1970 and the second cover is a all time favorite "Stray Cat Strut" by The Stray Cats. The Occidental filled the house with very appreciative crowd.The level of great musicians that attended and performed is very excellent.Brian Mckillican did an amazing job mixing the music with awesome sound quality in a beautiful venue right here in Quesnel.Thank you Barry McKillican for another great night and a large THANK YOU to the folks at the RCMA for a smooth running event we had a BLAST!!!
See you next month

Wednesday 15 March 2017

No More Cries is super excited about our new BandCamp and SoundCloud profiles available to the public so feel free to indulge in the multimedia downloads ready for you devices.If you did not get the first edition CDs we published or you dont have a Cd player please use this multimedia site to purchase your HQ download of our newly released 5 song EP recorded,mixed ,mastered and produced in our own recording studio Wild Bills Recording Studio here in Quesnel B.C.Gay Hartley, Richard Halliday and Eric Johnson are super proud of this first edition EP mixed by Joshua Blanc on a 16 track Digital Mackie console and the Sonar recording software.The sound quality and mastering techniques are top notch as you will see when you hear the EP.A HUGE THANKS to Joshua Blanc for getting the band setup with all our web stuff.

Saturday 25 February 2017

No More Cries would like to shout out a huge THANKS to the crew who invited us to a 1/2 hr video segment to be aired on Cable 10 in the near future.Thursday Feb 23 2017 No More Cries packed up a couple vehicles full of gear at our studio under the watchful eye of and set up in the UNBC Quesnel facility.We had a great backdrop and great sounding area in the cafeteria.Also a big THANK YOU to the staff and students at UNBC during this video shoot as we were loud as HELL and ROCKED all the rooms in the place.A big thanks to Joshua Blanc for the stellar sound setup and fine tuning of the gear.No More Cries played Freight Train Blues, No More Cries and finished off with Richard singing Rockaboutit.We enjoyed the short interview with Chase Benson as well. No More Cries is thankful for the never ending support of Quesnel and so many good people who believe in our mission and goals.

Thursday 9 February 2017

Another awesome weekend at The Occidental Open Mic Event hosted by River City Music Association Saturday Feb 4th 2017.The entertainment was great and the crowd was appreciative.No More Cries opened the show with 3 songs from our 2017 EP which was available for people to purchase at the show and so many people did!!The support is a great feeling for sure.The other entertainers did a great job and pleased the crowd. No More Cries then was asked to close the show with 3 more original songs and rocked the stage off.We are very grateful to the Occidental for the awesome place to showcase local musicians and River City Music for their efforts to support local music.

find our live videos here.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

No More Cries has just completed the first run of Custom Hand Pressed CDs performed,recorded mixed,mastered and hand assembled right here at the home studio of the NO MORE CRIES.
The boys want to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to Joshua Blanc for his master skills and incredible amount of help and assistance to help make this project come together for the band.This CD project has been a HUGE amount of work that is not possible without the
support system we fortunately have which includes just to name a few Alana Hartley the love and support of my life,all the meals and endless confidence that she gives me.Sue Johnson and Bridgette the complete support system for our guitar god Eric's Custom Guitars.Richard Halliday and his family who support his ideas and passions.Some of our biggest fans who come support us every Friday night "jam night" for so many years Thomas Hurd,Julie Law,Pat Hartley,Wade Wurm,Wanda Wurm,Cindy Johnson,Cindy Hoffmann,Linda Johnston, Kimberley McInroy,Joshua Blanc,Ron Blanc, Darryl Gaudette Jeanette McDonald Grant Deachman and so many more people who come watch us play at every event we attend at The Occidental and many other venues like Bliss Restaurant,Quesnel Billy Barker Days Society, Bob Blaue at the Bob Inn Ranch ,West Quesnel Market and Barry McKillican the owner and Brian Mckillican the operator of a amazing sounding stage that Quesnel is lucky to have and thanks to the many more people who invite us to perform.
No More Cries practices and records at our very own recording studio "WILD BILLS STUDIO" its a fully equipped 16 track digital recording system and a great jam space.
Please take the time to come support local music on the first Saturday of the month hosted by River City Music Association at The Occidental and enjoy some awesome food and entertainment with Barry McKillican,Louise McKillican,David Mckillican Brian Mckillican and the rest of the family that operates the Occidental.
If anyone is looking to buy our new EP please messenger Gary Hartley Eric's Custom Guitars Richard Halliday its ONLY 10 $$.
The EP will also be available on Saturday Feb 4 at the Occidental from 6:30-10PM.

Monday 30 January 2017

OK here we go No More Cries CDs are being built as we speak so if you want to get in on a great five song EP then make sure you come to the Occidental this Saturday night for the Open Mic event hosted by River City Music Association and the Occidental please come support local music in Quesnel and also support The Occidental where the food is INCREDIBLE the service is awesome and this stage and sound system is the best within hundreds of miles around.Barry,Louise,Brian , David Mckillican and the rest of the family are doing an amazing job day after day for our town of Quesnel so come support and bring 10$ for a Cd and enjoy the Occidental

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Its going to happen !! Here we go No More Cries has been working very hard on a 5 song EP for the last couple months.Many long hours of studio playing and many more long hours of studio mixing and mastering by the "Great" Joshua Blanc.No More Cries compiled 5 awesome tracks to produce this 5 song EP.No More Cries is very proud of the finished product going to be available very very soon.The 5 songs chosen for this project represents the wide variety of music in our "all original" lineup.No More Cries will distribute this product to all the B.C music festival applications we chose, so we hope when the individuals responsible for choosing the bands and artists to be participating  at these local festivals will consider our band and music.Stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peek at the wonderful artwork and photos for the CD cover thanks to our ever so talented Joshua Blanc.Check back often to stay up to date on the progress of this "History Altering" event.

Monday 9 January 2017

What another great night at the RCMA Open Mic event for January 2017 at THE OCCIDENTAL.
There were many good performers to hit the stage  on this night.No More Cries performed 3rd in line with 3 heavy hitting songs Social Despair,No More Cries and then Richard belted out Rockaboutit as a show ender but to our surprise the crowd cheers us on for "Play one more"!! so we did Walking The Blues to many cheers.After another hour of performers No More Cries was invited to play a second set to end the show so we did Penny and a favorite cover song Johnny Be Good.Its like no other feeling to perform all our music we write and then be invited to do more from the crowd and this humbles us.Thanks so much to The McKillican family for the awesome stage and sound in our local club and the light show was awesome as well.Please take the time to find our video on our Facebook site and share with all your peeps.

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Happy New Year from the band No More Cries.2016 was a very great year for our band.No More Cries has had a very powerful year of growth and confidence with many new songs written and arranged to a point of recording quality.No More Cries had a string of a dozen great live performances including a great day of music at Bliss Restaurant in west Quesnel the owner and our good friend Jas invited us to his annual Pig Roast event and we played for 3 hrs outdoors to a great revolving very appreciative crowd enjoying the awesome food with live original Rock and Roll for desert.No More Cries was also invited to the annual West Quesnel Market in the park next to the West Park Mall the event started at 4pm and was a wonderful array of food,crafts and music from many artists with a great number of people in the crowd wandering around checking out the local vendors all put together by the West Quesnel Business Association.No More Cries next invite was to play at the West Quesnel Skate Board Park fundraiser it was a very fun day altho the weather was a challenge for all involved No More Cries still performed over 20 original songs for the crowd and helped support local fundraising with the help of KID Productions from Quesnel  who provided the sound.
No More Cries was also thankfully invited on 2 separate occasions to The Bob Inn Ranch west of Quesnel the first time was to celebrate Bobs sons birthday and all the good things that Bob Blaue and his brothers and sisters believe in and that is Peace and Love and the Joy of life.This celebration had No More Cries perform for the good people outdoor on a stage that has so much music history locally to a very grateful group of humans.The second occasion No More Cries was invited to the Bob Inn Days was the annual celebration on going from the early 70s where many people gather for a weekend of good times good food and music we loved sharing the stage with Sundown Spell a very awesome a local group and many other performers that entertained the crowd late into the night on a stage built at the ranch that so many bands and performers have used over the years.One of the most important opportunities that No More Cries is very thankful for is being welcomed to our local club THE OCCIDENTAL owned and operated by the McKillican family Barry,Louise,Brian, David and Holly these folks operate a shining jewel in Quesnel.The Occidental is a major supporter of RCMA River City Music Association who main focus is music in our community by organizing opportunities for local artists and musicians with Open Mic hosted at the Occidental monthly and financial support to individuals who deserve and earn this. RCMA supports music in our local schools with the help of Quesnel Music and the lessons available at this  local business.We thank all the people involved for that.No More Cries is thankful for a recent invite by Barry McKillican to share the stage with a very awesome rock band named MATIUS ROCK from Prince George.This was a great experience for us and we warmed up the stage before Matius Rock delivered their rock and roll show which was awesome with a great group of guys.The RCMA Open Mic event that happens the first Saturday of every month is one of  No More Cries biggest favorites to attend and we have performed many many times this has been our largest opportunity to showcase all our original songs we write and perform for all the local people who attend this event,we perform on the BEST stage and Best Sound within  hundred of miles and that is the stage at the Occidental.Professional high quality LOUD and clear sound provided by Brian McKillican operating the sound board and tech on this great setup.The light show is very professional and a great visual experience second to none in this area.2017 is going to bring more opportunities as we will apply to play a few local music festivals hopefully earning a couple of shows somewhat locally.No More Cries is also working on a double album recording  in process and we are very happy with whats coming out of it so stay tuned for a release of our original songs on a CD in the early 2017 recorded in our own recording studio Wild Bills Studio in Quesnel B.C.