Tuesday 10 October 2017

NO MORE CRIES performing at THE OCCIDENTAL OCT 2017 was a great night with 3 more orig songs Penny,Never Give Up and also including our brand new single Not Living Long Enough.Big SHOUT OUT to RCMA and The Occidental for the support they all give to local live music in our city because without them there would not be opportunity for local musicians to showcase the music they love.If you love live music please come and support this venue on the first Saturday of every month its only a $5 donation that goes directly towards things that matter and make a difference in our music community.Enjoy the awesome food and services at The Occidental with hosts Barry McKillican Louise McKillican and the rest of the family and staff who make a great experience everytime.All the volunteers at RCMA need a large THANK YOU for the efforts to make this event a large success.See you all in November!!!