Tuesday 17 January 2017

Its going to happen !! Here we go No More Cries has been working very hard on a 5 song EP for the last couple months.Many long hours of studio playing and many more long hours of studio mixing and mastering by the "Great" Joshua Blanc.No More Cries compiled 5 awesome tracks to produce this 5 song EP.No More Cries is very proud of the finished product going to be available very very soon.The 5 songs chosen for this project represents the wide variety of music in our "all original" lineup.No More Cries will distribute this product to all the B.C music festival applications we chose, so we hope when the individuals responsible for choosing the bands and artists to be participating  at these local festivals will consider our band and music.Stay tuned for an exclusive sneak peek at the wonderful artwork and photos for the CD cover thanks to our ever so talented Joshua Blanc.Check back often to stay up to date on the progress of this "History Altering" event.

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